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Basic crew neck sweater

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A timeless classic made from the highest quality, 2-ply cashmere and the unique athleisure functional lining .

Although cashmere wool is extremely breathable, extreme physical activity would cause heat to build up in the wearer. Athleisure® has developed the unique high-tech inner lining to use the wonderful temperature-regulating properties of cashmere in sports.

This consists of two surfaces:The high-tech inner lining lies directly on the skin of the wearer and is water-absorbent . At the same time, the side facing the cashmere wool is water-repellent . Moisture diffuses from the body to the wool, keeping the body dry and warm . The inner lining is also extremely elastic and follows every movement during sport .

Easy-care, durable, super comfortable and breathable.

Made in Italy 🇮🇹 .

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