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Besonders ergonomisch, weich gepolstert und handgefertigt - Utzon Equestrian Trensen und Kandaren bestechen durch ihre Funktionalität gepaart mit einem Hauch von Luxus!

Autumn sweaters and shirts

Manifattura Valor stands for outstanding quality and is our pioneer in the field of saddle pads made of (merino wool) felt. They bring excellent shock-absorbing properties with us and adapt optimally to every horse's back.

Craftsmanship meets merino wool

Craftsmanship meets merino wool

Saddle pads - our highlights

Extra-Sale bis zu 70 % auf gesamte Outfits

Winter jackets and coats

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A horse is a thing of beauty. None will tire of looking at him as long as he displays himself in his splender.

Find out more about the origin of the products, the history of our partners and the production processes.

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