Maybach - horsepower at all levels

Anyone who recognizes the typical emblem with the two "M's" knows immediately: This is about pure luxury. If it doesn't have to be a noble luxury limousine, but also something special for the actually much more valuable horsepower in the stable, you have come to the right place at Les Pionnierscorrect.

Tradition of the special

„To create the very best from the very best - with this motto began the history of Maybach in 1909. Founded by Wilhelm Maybach as an engine and car manufacturer, Maybach quickly developed into a symbol of luxury in the automotive sector. Even today, more than 100 years later, the name Maybach stands for high-quality materials whose workmanship is second to none. The handmade products from the German family company MAYBACH-Icons of Luxury impress with their timeless, classic elegance and sublime unobtrusiveness - strengths that only true design can afford.. 

The product portfolio ranges from lifestyle accessories, clothing, a glasses collection and of course the equestrian range. With the processing of the highest quality leather and a personal weakness for equestrian sports, it was not far to put the skills into the manufacture of products for all aspects of equestrian sports.

Individuality - made in Germany

The products are handcrafted in Germany. Particular attention is paid to choosing the right leather. This is how they aregloves Made of the finest sheep leather and thus offer a comfortable and cuddly wearing comfort.Girths,holster,Breastplates and much more, are made of sturdy cowhide and are available in numerous colors. Here there is the possibility of individually responding to color and design requests.

The girths are anatomically shaped and have a soft padding, here you can choose the leather color of each individual element. Extras such as elastic inserts and eyelets for attaching breastplates or auxiliary reins can be placed according to personal requirements and preferences. The halter and breastplate offer similar design options.

Dralon meets Merino

A wolf in sheep's clothing in the truest sense of the word, more precisely in that of the merino sheep. Behind theceiling from Maybach with its simple, elegant design hides a real functional wonder.

Made entirely in Germany, the blanket consists of equal parts merino wool and dralon, which gives it a heavy weight. As a result, the blanket hugs the horse's body perfectly, the ergonomic fit and the special buckling system also ensure the perfect fit. The specially knitted structure forms a three-dimensional capillary system, which effectively absorbs moisture and transfers it to the top of the blanket. The horse dries faster and more efficiently, the well-known problem of heat build-up under conventional sweat rugs is eliminated.

Turn the everyday into something special

Every single Maybach piece has what it takes to become a loyal companion for many years due to its quality and personal design options. We would be happy to advise you on the selection of your personal product. Please write us an email at