Loden - A high-tech fiber from the Middle Ages

What actually is Loden?

Loden is basically a processed fabric made from wool. In addition to knitted goods, there is loden, boiled wool and felt. Loden is tightly woven and felted, so it has wind-breaking properties and is ideal for robust and functional clothing. Walk is particularly elastic and felt has damping properties, which is why it is well suited for saddle pads.

What properties does loden bring with it?

The exceptional functional properties of wool materials such as felt, fulled wool or loden are used particularly in horse blankets, saddle pads and riding clothing. Wool is a natural high-tech fiber because it regulates heat and at the same time can absorb a high proportion of water without feeling wet. Even when wet, it warms its wearer. Since wool is water-repellent due to its wool fat, water simply rolls off. The wool fat - also called lanolin - encases the wool fibers and thus also prevents the development of unpleasant odors.

What can you make from loden in equestrian sports?

Loden offers a variety of natural color nuances, from which, for example, sweat rugs, exercise rugs and riding clothing can be made. At H-Collected we offer the finest loden goods from Belani. The German company stands for custom work for horses and riders with a special focus on traditional craftsmanship with local manufacturers. Only loden made from the purest new wool from wool sheep and merino sheep is processed and no synthetic fibers or chemical additives are added, so that optimal wearing comfort is guaranteed for both humans and animals.

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