Les Pionniers presents MIASUKI

Equestrian-inspired fashion can be found at regular intervals on the pages of the relevant fashion magazines. But as beautiful as the designer parts are, they are not really suitable for the stable. Too stiff, too sensitive and without any functional added value.

It was precisely because of this need that the founder Mia S. Lei designed the collections for MIASUKI. The brand does not see itself as THE big luxury brand for sustainable and high-quality equestrian fashion. It is much more a homage to equestrian sport and the beautiful things that come with dealing with horses. MIASUKI is exactly the right thing for those who appreciate elegant, innovative quality products that are characterized by their durability and feminine, intelligent designs. For all those who see equestrian sport as a lifestyle and not as a sport. Likewise, Miasuki does not see itself as another brand in the equestrian universe, but as a way of life.

Another point that is very important to the founder is the topic of sustainability. MIASUKI takes the difficult path to deliver consistent product quality while making the brand's ecological footprint as light as possible. MIASUKI's suppliers meet special ethical standards and are characterized by environmentally friendly materials and sustainable quality. MIASUKI lives the topic of sustainability through the pieces designed for longevity

MIASUKI relies on traditional Italian craft businesses for production. They are experts in combining the ingenious, anatomical designs with the tried and tested, high-quality materials and the technically innovative fabrics to create a total work of art. MIASUKI garments are designed to be multifunctional while ensuring a high level of comfort, durability and a luxurious look. 

From the stable to the sunset - MIASUKI.