Cashmere - Functional, soft and breathable

We immediately associate cashmere with exclusivity, since the natural material has been used to produce fine fabrics for centuries. To this day, cashmere is one of the softest wool qualities in the world and is mainly processed in the luxury segment, since the special wool is a raw material that is difficult to obtain.

How is cashmere wool obtained sustainably? 

the Cashmere goats in the Himalayas are not shorn but combed out with a comb during their change of fur and thus a maximum of 30 grams of the undercoat of the goat won. This then grows back and the animal has enough protection of its own against the climatic conditions in the high mountains. The circulation renewable raw materials is thus sustainably supported.

What makes cashmere wool the ideal companion?

In the Asian mountain landscape Extreme climatic conditions prevail, ranging from freezing cold to extreme heat. The cashmere goat is exposed to these extremes on a daily basis and is optimally adapted to them with its fur. It absorbs moisture and releases it to the outside into the air. The result is a excellent body climate because the fur warms at the same time when it is cold. Since the cashmere goat only produces around 200 grams of wool per year, the material is very exclusive and sustainably sourced cashmere has its price.

cashmere in sports

Although cashmere is very breathable, extreme physical activity would cause a Heat build-up in its wearer develop. To the wonderful temperature-regulating properties of cashmere nevertheless to use in the sports areaathleisure® developed a unique cashmere sweater that is ideal for outdoor activities or after a workout. The sweater is composed of two surfaces: the High-tech inner lining lies directly on the wearer's skin and is hydrophilic. At the same time, the cashmere side is water-repellent. the Moisture diffuses from the body to the wool and thus keeps the body dry and warm. The inner lining is also extremely elastic and follows every movement during sport.

Curious. We have a small one Selection of cashmere products compiled for the transition. Be inspired and enjoy the velvety soft feeling of cashmere on your skin.