Innovative, ethical and durable - vegan halter from Nafilia

„Nafilia stands for a combination of two words: Na forür sustainability and filia (φιλία) the Greek word forr Friendship, affection and love.

The brand offers ethical riding products and is therefore the optimal solution for environmentally conscious riders who bothtraditional craftsmanship as well as novel materials treasure. With this claim, Nafilia fits perfectly into the portfolio ofLes pioneers, because Les Pionniers particularly value sustainable design and future-oriented product development and these attributes are among our pioneers.

The halter collection is aimed atDressage, western and show jumping riders and convinces with special comfort for the horse, timeless design and many special little highlights that make each product unique.Research and Development Nafilia focuses on new products and materials - so ethically-conscious riders can look forward to future collections!

VEGEA - Vegan leather made from grape residues

27 billion liters of wine are produced worldwide - 7 billion tons of which are Production waste . Remnants such as stems, pods and seeds are called 'pomace' and are used byVEGEA for the Manufacture of the leather used. The new material is created in combination with vegetable oils and natural fibers.

Why is it ideal for equestrian products?

We only want the best for our four-legged friends - vegan leather from VEGEA is made without toxic chemicals or heavy metals and no toxic tanning is necessary in the manufacturing process. In addition, a Fraction of the amount of water needed, which is used for leather processing. Out comes a extremely robust, durable product which is water and dirt repellent at the same time. So ideal for processing tooHalter and other horse accessories. 

DESSERTO - Vegan imitation leather made from cactus

This is made from the so-called nopal cactus, also known as prickly pear cactus purely vegetable organic leather manufactured. Cacti require little water and are a renewable resource that can grow in many places. It is different from normal synthetic leatherDesserto leather resistant, durable, flexible and does not emit any harmful substances to the environment when it has had its day.

The vegan cactus leather iswater and dirt repellentas well as resistant to bacteria and mold. The material is beyond thatUV and cold crack resistant and therefore particularly robust and durable.

PINATEX - natural leather alternative made from cellulose fibers

Pinatex will be off Cellulose fibers from pineapple leaves won. Ananas Anam are the manufacturers of Pinatex with the aim of adding value to society and solving social and ecological problems. The material is PETA certified and there are no additional environmental resources necessary for production. The tough and durable design speaks for itself.

Innovative, ethical and durable - That's what Nafilia stands for

Bringing new products onto the market without exploiting the planet and consuming resources unnecessarily - Nafilia works with us to make this workselected associations and partners working closely together to implement various environmental aspects and solutions. Always with the aim of acting more socially, more responsibly and more transparently.