H-Collected - Behind the Scenes of Laguso

Last week we gave you insights behind the creation of the brandManufacture VALOR given. Today we have Sabine Lang, founder of the LAGUSO brand, as a guest on our blog.LAGUSO stands for fair and sustainably manufactured riding clothing that is functional and breathable and offers high wearing comfort.

Who are you and what made you decide to start your brand?

I'm Sabine Lang, I live in Stuttgart with my family, dog and horse. Since I had already gained 20 years of experience in the fashion industry, I first dealt intensively with equestrian sports clothing as a consumer in 2016, for my son and myself. This then led to a complete market analysis and the need for something like Laguso was clearly recognizable. So the passion for horses and equestrian sports as well as the profession in fashion made me found Laguso with partners in 2017.n.

For which product is your brand known??

There are probably very different approaches. Some love our blazers, others our show shirts, breeches or our horsewear - it's hard to say. But there is one thing that all customers appreciate: the variety, the always new and yet traditional implementation of the cuts as well as the material and the fit.

What is your favorite material and why 

I like technical fabrics with a lot of know-how. That's why our tournament clothing is made of a high-tech material that is particularly easy-care, quick-drying, wind- and water-repellent and has a sun protection factor of 50.

What is the best moment you have experienced as a founder 

When a boy, maybe 13/14, ran into my pagoda after a win in the newly bought Laguso shirt Logan and said: winners ride in Laguso. That sentence still gives me goosebumps, but best of all, it's true! ;-)-)

What is currently the biggest challenge for your brand/your industry?

After 3 years of COVID, the war in Europe, the energy problem and the dramatic economic development in Germany and all EU countries are a real challenge for all entrepreneurs.

What message would you like to give to the customers??

Laguso is made by riders for riders, at a fair price and produced in Europe with sustainability. It should support you in your sport, offer every possible comfort and make you and your horse look great.

Feel Laguso, be Laguso.