Well protected - safety and individual style with riding helmets from Kask

Since January 2021 it has also been an international requirement: every rider, regardless of discipline, performance class and age, has to take part in the tournament Riding helmet go to the start. Not least through social media, reports of accidents by professional riders and amateurs, at the tournament or in the private sector, are quickly made public. This shows that no one can consider the risk of falling to be safe.

The top hat is old hat

There was resentment from some rows that the top hat was part of the tailcoat. However, many international riders have been riding with helmets privately and at tournaments for years. And let's be honest, what better way to round off the outfit than with a coordinated masterpiece that at the same time has a maximum security offers. 

In recent years, more and more manufacturers have expanded the design and personalization options for helmets. This is also the case with the relatively young Italian companyKask. Previously, Kask had proven his expertise in the field of occupational safety and some other sports, such as alpine sports. A team of experts is always working on new technologies to further maximize the safety of helmet wearers. 

Kask - versatile, technically adept

This know-how is used in all riding helmet models. So there are different ones Security test which simulate possible processes of an accident. For example, the lateral loading of the helmet by the horse or the deformation of the visor are imitated. In the event of a frontal fall, this must be flexible to a certain extent in order to ensure the mobility of the neck and neck area. In all of these tests, the Kask models perform above average and are certified according to VG1 01.040 2014-12 (Europe) and ASTM F1163 (USA). 

If you take a closer look at the structure of the helmets, you immediately notice the concept with an inner and outer shell. The outer shell made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is extremely stable and at the same time particularly light. The inner shell of the helmet consists of 3 layers of polystyrene with different density structures. These ensure optimal shock absorption in the event of a fall. The fit system inside the helmet ensures a safe and comfortable hold. This adapts itself to the cuddly upholstery, especially to the back of the rider's head. The lining made of merino wool is removable and washable at 30 degrees. Merino wool is a natural product that is antibacterial and has thermoregulatory properties. In addition, the Smart Ventilation System ensures optimal ventilation of the helmet. For this purpose, 2 fields in the form of honeycombs are embedded in the inner shell made of polystyrene of the helmet. The soft chinstrap made of eco-leather is hypoallergenic, washable and can be closed with a click fastener..

Time to sparkle - step by step to a one-off

In addition to all the technical aspects, it is of course also about the optics. Kask offers different basic models depending on preferences and discipline. In addition to a model for long distances and versatility, the Dogma, Star Lady and Kooki models are among the most popular helmets. The modelKooki is the latest addition to the Kask family and offers an unbeatable price-performance ratio. This helmet differs slightly in structure from the Dogma and Star Lady models. The inner shell made of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) and thermoformed PC is encased by the outer upper shell made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene). The smart ventilation system with air inlets on the top of the helmet, as well as the interior padding with click-in system, ensure a pleasant climate. The removable quick-dry padding is breathable, antibacterial and thermoregulatory. The helmet is available in black and navy in matt and glossy. The model also offersKooki lady a similarly larger visor as the Star Lady. 

The Dogma and Star Lady models are available in the wildest creations in addition to the simple, matte plain-colored version. First of all, the choice of the model must be made. Should it be the sporty dogma with a short visor, or the Star Lady with a trendy large umbrella You can choose between classic black and navy for the basic color of the helmet, but anthracite and brown are also available on request. For those who like it noticeable, the helmets are also available in a glossy basic color. The premier class is then the version made of carbon, which is then accompanied by a chinstrap made of real leather.. 

Once the basic design has been chosen, it is time to choose the frame color. In the Chrome light models, the frame around the ventilation area shimmers in a metallic look that matches the basic color. But even those who like it colorful can enjoy themselves here to the full. Kask offers a wide range of possible colors. Of course, a design is also included Swarovski Stones possible. 

The decorations of the ventilation area are available in different Swarovski Versions that can be selected in color to match the selected design. Whether Swarovski Midnight orSwarovski on the Rocks, everyone can find the right design for their unique piece here.

It is also possible to equip the ventilation area and the chinstrap with specially selected leather. This is especially interesting if you already have oneDe Niro boots own or plan to get some. Kask and De Niro have just announced their joint venture, which allows you to design your boots and helmet with the same leather.

Got curious 

You are welcome to contact us atinfo@lespionniers.de Contact us if you have any questions about the helmet models from Kask. We advise you on choosing the right size and the right model for you and support you with the design of your helmet.