H-Collected - Behind the Scenes


With our new blog series, we want to give you more insights into the creation and cooperation with ourbrand partners give. At the time, we were driven by the ideaEquestrian Accessories to look at from a fashion perspective and in oneboutique vibe offer online & offline. 

From our own experience in equestrian sport, we missed a carefully curated selection of special brand worlds away from the mass market. Our mission statement for product selection are inn Europe producingbrands forhorses, dogs and their owners in small editions and with high design standards. In the next few weeks we will share with youmotivation, vision andfuture prospects of the founders of our brand partners. Kathrin Birk, the founder of Manifattura VALOR, is the first.

Who are you and what made you decide to start your brand 

My name is Kathrin Birk and I am the owner/business lead atManufacture VALOR. Through my long background in thetextile and luxury industry, I was able to experience the internal processes up close. It was with great disappointment that I found out that thevaluable resources in theproduction of luxury goods are often wasted and leftovers end up being destroyed. As a horse lover, my wish came up, reallysustainable products with real benefit for horse and rider.

After a little market research I was amazed that the industry onlysynthetic saddle pads brings to the market, which is often not good for theHorse back health are. Due to the low-cost production in the Far East, inferior chemicals are usedallergies in horses can trigger or in the pattern construction will not appearChafing marks on the horse's back respected.

That's why I met 12 years ago with EchterSustainability in equestrian sports discussed even before the topic became a trend. Looking for horse-worthy materials for thee Production of functional saddle pads am i upWool or felt fabrics encountered These materials have been used and proven for centurieslongevity even with high sporting demands.

For which product is your brand known??

Our original product is thenatural saddle pad made of pure Italian new wool in theavant-garde design. Cut-outs and high-quality leather inserts refine the saddle padsGerman manufacture into a unique product. At Manifattura VALOR, the horse is the customer.

Therefore, when developing our products, the primary focus is on horse health.Medical excellence before, during and after training come first. The documents were therefore prepared in cooperation with theAnimal hospital in Zurich developed. Natural and not chemically treated materials ensure aoptimal shock absorption andpressure distribution on horseback. The tailor-made adjustment to the horse's back curve and the absence of topstitching ensure a perfect fit andprevent friction.

The production of the wool felt takes place in Italy on machines that are over 120 years old using a special technique. The products are assembled in our studio in Germany. So we want thatcenturies-old craft preserve and create long-lasting products.

What is your favorite material and why?

Ournatural pure new wool, since she is ahigh functionality for the back well-being of the horse andavailable locally is. This makes her specialEnvironmental and resource-friendly and also brings natural shades of color with it, which optically cling to every horse.

thenatural wool feltsthat we use at Manifattura VALOR come wholewithout chemicals and can therefore touch the animal skin with a clear conscience. Other felt pads on the market willchemically degreased, cleaned and stained as well as processed with a different technique - that is what makes our products so special.

VALOR is the only manufactory of equestrian goods that obtains its wool exclusively from small flocks of sheep that make the long journey of thetraditional sheep drive embark This original sheep drive is part of the immaterialUNESCO heritage, the VALOR with every product forhorse and dog supports. 

What is the best moment you have experienced as a founder 

asTop World Rankings Tab started using the product and actually felt the effect on the horse.

What is currently the biggest challenge for your brand/your industry?

A lot of contradictory things are told in the equestrian sport industry, so that the customer is often completely confused as to what is really good for his horse. It's often the simple, i.e. natural things that stand the test of time. The challenge lies in thiss impart knowledge, the sense of less, buthigh quality consumption to sharpen and thattraditional crafts to save from extinction.

What message would you like to give to the customers? 

Thathorse welfare must always come first Therefore, every rider should initiative take action to investigate and question what really helps the horse. A lot of information on this topic can be found, for example, on ourwebsite.