Bridle Edinburgh including reins

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Delivery time 2-5 working days

The Edinburgh bridle by Utzon combines simple Scandinavian design with the finest Italian craftsmanship made of calfskin.

The bridle impresses with elegant round sewn elements that can be adjusted in length using fasteners in the neck. The headpiece is wide and softly padded and ensures optimal pressure distribution . The Swedish noseband is covered with glossy leather and is also softly padded. The subtle Utzon logo, matching the color of the fittings, adorns the left side and the reins.

The bridle can be easily combined with the Empire browband from Utzon .

The bridle is in black, brown, black/brown underlay, black/white underlay and brown/white underlay available. You have the choice between silver or gold fittings. The bridle is delivered with suitably round sewn web reins.

Hand made in Italy.

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