Horse brushes - differences in quality and properties

Horse brushes are available in all price ranges, colors, shapes and materials - but what is really important when choosing?

That Well of the horses comes first: Only an optimally cleaned and cared-for fur prevents chafing, especially in the saddle area. A horse in optimal condition naturally has shiny fur - without the help of various gloss sprays.

Les Pionniers chose the brand's range of brushesL'Evoine decided. The entire collection is made exclusively from Natural materials in Germany manufactured, it willwithout Mixtures of synthetic fibers worked.

Brushes made of polypropylene or other synthetic fibers are also often offered in the upper price segment, often in combination with a small proportion of natural fibers. However, every natural material, such as goat hair or horsehair, has its own specific properties  Care properties which cannot be used in the form of mixtures.

L'Evoine offers an essential collectionHorse brushes that are required for daily care. All products are of high quality Walnut wood used, which is extremely robust against moisture. It also has an antibacterial effect and is pleasantly warm in the hand even on cold winter days. Another highlight is the double sewn leather straps - this is particularly softly padded and provides the necessary support. It is made from residual pieces from the production of theLe Baquet, manufactured.

Depending on the brush, 100% horsehair, goat hair or natural fibers in various lengths and strengths are used to make a optimal cleaning result to obtain. The horsehair, for example, is made extra dense and twice as long compared to conventional horsehair brushes in order to effectively absorb the dirt and also to remove the very last grain of dust. The fur gets one natural shine because the use of natural materials the Refatting of the fur promotes. At the same time, there is no electrostatic charge, as is often the case with synthetic fibers.

The smallest member of the L'Evoine brush collection is theHedgehog brush: It impresses with its soft pincushion and the rounded, slim wooden pins. These are sanded extra smooth and therefore extremely gentle on the long hair . Many conventional mane brushes have rounded needle heads made of metal or plastic, which can easily get caught in the hair and damage the surface of the hair, up to and including breakage.

All products will be too 100% in Germany manufactured and guarantee a first-class processing of the natural materials and thus an optimal care result. Through the outstanding workmanship they become a lifelong companion and also fit perfectly into the Le Baquet stable bag.