Les Pionniers - Simply outstanding!

Les Pionniers stands for an exclusive range of leading equestrian sports and lifestyle manufacturers. What connects these with one another: For every product category there are pioneers, Les Pionniers, who are particularly excellent at their craft and are therefore market leaders in their segment. In each category, an assortment of the highest quality is mapped with these partners - without compromises.

Les Pionniers does not want to identify with fast-paced online consumption, but rather to reflect the esprit of traditional, luxurious equestrian sport, which is why the 'Manufactories' section goes into the history behind each product.

In online trading, too, luxury means that quality takes its time, as it can only be achieved with the greatest care. Thanks to local manufacturers from Europe, individual requests can be met when ordering from Les Pionniers. In most manufacturers, a complete set of equipment for horses and riders can be coordinated from the leather quality to the color. The selected range of first-class products can be customized not only aesthetically, but also functionally. Since every horse has individual requirements for its riding equipment, needs such as compensatory thermoregulation and a true-to-size fit can be taken into account.

This combination of local production and resource-saving custom-made production has made some of the manufactories on offer market leaders in their field for decades. Les Pionniers is constantly on the lookout for innovations in the equestrian, outdoor and lifestyle sectors in order to always offer the latest pioneers.