H-Collected (Horse, Hound & Home) combines a range of the highest quality for horses & riders , dogs & owners and their unique lifestyle . Together with selected brands, we are striving for the vision of shaping the future of exclusive manufactures in Europe in a sustainable way.

How does this vision look to us?

For us, traditional craftsmanship with the finest natural materials such as leather, cashmere or alpaca wool offers a timeless design . This is created with the greatest care by manufacturers who have passed on their unique expertise for generations . Above all, however, it means that products go through a longer life cycle. Thanks to high-quality materials, these exclusive goods can be refurbished even after decades without losing their value. They are designed to last a lifetime and be passed on to the next generations . This philosophy defines an entire lifestyle, to which our product selection is geared.

What does sustainability mean to us?

We are convinced that exclusive design and sustainability are in harmony thanks to new and, above all, local production options and the careful and resource-saving use of natural materials . To this end, we are constantly on the lookout for innovations from the industry in the field of equestrian sports and the lifestyle with dogs and horses.

Many products are made exclusively for the customer in order to be able to respond to individual wishes and to minimize shortages. Luxury also means that quality takes time if it is produced with the greatest care . Behind every product there is a story that we tell on our blog and are happy to explain in more detail in an individual exchange.

Visit our showroom by appointment - we look forward to your visit!

Our concept store

In addition to our virtual doors, which are open for you around the clock, we warmly welcome you to our concept store in Garather Schloss in Düsseldorf. Here you can experience and try out all the high-quality products, configure them or order them to measure. Make an appointment with us directly for this purpose.