- simply outstanding -


- simply outstanding -

There are pioneers for every category - Les pioneers - who have a particularly outstanding command of their craft and are therefore market leaders in their segment.

Our mission is to present a range of the highest quality in each category with these partners - without compromise.

The future of luxury means to us Understatement - Products made from the finest natural materials, selected with the greatest care and processed by manufacturers that have passed on their unique craft for generations.

But above all, it means that products can be repaired. They are designed to last a lifetime and to be passed on to future generations.

Can anything ever be more sustainable??

We at Les pioneers are convinced that the future of luxury in a combination of new and above all local production possibilities and a careful and resource-saving handling of Natural materials lies. We are constantly on the lookout for innovations in the equestrian, outdoor and lifestyle industries in order to always offer the latest pioneers.

Many products are made exclusively for the customer in order to be able to respond to individual requests and to minimize shortages. luxury also means that Quality their time needs if it is produced with the greatest care. There is a story behind every product, which is told in the Manufactories section.d.


products to remain for a lifetime


new sustainable materials


without any compromise


simply outstanding